Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Space invaders!

It's February.
Snow is racing by the window sideways.
I'm transmogrifying into a psoriatic komodo dragon.

Time for a curmudgeonly crankfest!

Fluoridating public water supplies with industrial waste.
Stuffing fertilizers with industrial waste.
Mandating HPV vaccines for school.
Letting coddled clueless elitists corporatize our public schools.
Spending billions on banks.

And the winner is....


Now here's something for my students to chew on!

The Hubble Telescope shows us an obvious alien ship, and NASA wants us to believe it's the remnants of a recent asteroid collision.

(It would be a fun exercise to spring in science class--form hypotheses as to just what we're seeing. It wasn't until my grandfather was in his twenties that astronomers accepted that the Andromeda nebula was a separate galaxy.)

AP claims credit for the photo, but they're full of poop--
Hubble took it, I helped pay for Hubble, its our photo.


AKFortyKevin said...

Mulder: "You see, Scully? It's proof of extraterrestrial-biologicals in our atmosphere!"

Scully: "Mulder, there's nothing here to substantiate the claim that this is anything other than the rements of a recent asteroid collision."

(fast-forward 40 minutes)

Mulder: "I tol..."
Scully(interrupting): "If you say, 'I told you so,' one more time I swear I'm going to kill you."

doyle said...

Dear AK,

I know I sound a bit nutty at times, but what are the chances that a high speed collision is going to produce a symmetric "X"?

Not saying it's not possible, or even the most likely scenario--but good science needs some Mulderisms.