Friday, February 26, 2010

Science on the rocks

An iceberg the size of Luxembourg broke off from Antarctica after being rammed by another giant iceberg.

Where to begin?

Who knew icebergs behaved so badly (well, other than the rogue that sank the Titanic)?
How big is a "Luxembourg"? A thousand square miles?
Will the AP report this in "Rhode Islands"?

UPDATE: the AP reported that "a big chunk of ice, slightly smaller than Oahu, broke off from a place it wasn't supposed to." I had no idea Oahu and Luxembourg were close in size.

If I had my physical science classes this year. I'd sic them on this--figure out what happened and why it might matter.

Beats memorizing the Periodic Table....


Kelly said...

That makes me steamed up.un

Unknown said...

Your blog makes me excited about teaching science next year.

doyle said...

Dear Kelly,

I'll try to keep an opun mind...

Dear John,

You will be a phenomenal science teacher!