Monday, June 8, 2015

Technically we've lost our minds

These will be part of the state-mandated curriculum starting September here in New Jersey.

Enter information into a spreadsheet and sort the information.
Identify the structure and components of a database.
Enter information into a database or spreadsheet and filter the information.

For children in 2nd grade--children 7 to 8 years old.
Oh, it's doable, and even maybe a little cute, watching the young'uns enter data like their mommies and daddies working at their desks under the fluorescent hum of lights making enough money to pay the bills.
But it's not something anyone needs to do before sprouting axillary hair.

Technology is not going to fix the cultural injustices that haunt our hallowed halls. But we can pretend.

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Jenny said...

I think (I'm not sure of much) technology has some possibilities to do so good, but not like this. Entering data into a spreadsheet isn't going to do anything. It doesn't connect people or help us understand others. It's simply a skill some adults need (and not a hard one to gain either) so we decide our kids have to learn it.