Saturday, January 31, 2015

On leadership

I don't want to create a generation of leaders.
That implies most of this generation is doomed to sheephood.

I don't want to create a generation of compliance.
That just leads to blind baaing and more of what we already know doesn't work.

I want to teach kids how to live and work well, to live happy lives, to get to know the person they are, not the person they can never become.

If a child knows who she is and what she wants, she does not need a leader.
Others may follow her at their own peril, but that's not her problem, nor her desire.

Our "economy," sick as it is, requires a herd mentality and a few charismatic folks to lead tribes within our cult of personality.

I'm not here for the economy, I'm here for the kids.

We don't need no stinking revolution--
there's plenty of space to live a life worth living within these fine lands we call America.


concretekax said...

I rarely comment, but read all of your posts. I enjoy emphasis on the rhythm of the seasons even though our winter lasts much longer than yours, But you know that from your time in Ann Arbor.

But this is one of my all time favorites of yours. So clearly points out what we know is true-not all children will be rich, CEO's. While at the same time confirming the value of a life well lived as being so much more important.

doyle said...

Dear Mike,

Thanks for the warm words. Truth be told, I'd not wish a life designed for CEOship on anybody.

If it happens anyway, cool beans.