Friday, October 17, 2014

Same damn thing

For all the noise technology gets these days, the important stuff is still the same damn thing.
We live because plants spin air into food. You'd be surprised at how many folks old and young, wise and dumb, do not know this. Go find a tree. Look at its base. The ground is raised there. Ask yourself why.

We live because plants split water molecules into pieces, much of which drifts away as oxygen. The stuff keeps us alive, as it has for hundreds of thousands of years, as it will if we do not forget our mortal roots matter more than our god of the generation.

We live because we fuck, we fight, we flee, and we feed. The best ads focus on these, while we focus on the brand of our shoes. Schools have become dens of fashion oppression. If a teacher drones on about the number of carbons in sucrose with the same voice used to describe the number of casualties in WWII, the purple piping on the latest Nikes become utterly fascinating.
And we die.
Most (yes, most) of us have forgotten what matters. 
We confound fear with freedom.

If you teach, teach what matters.
Apple won't matter in a few more decades--but apples still will.

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