Friday, June 27, 2014

A recipe for living

Tonight I moshed together a few things from the garden to  celebrate Leslie's birthday. Thankfully, her birthday falls in late June when the world around here hums with life.

Still, I found myself in a mild panic as I searched for a specific recipe.

Tomatoes from the garden, quahogs from the bay, all for the taking.the

Recipes can be guidelines, recipes can be nooses. Unless you make up your own, however, based on the date and the ground you walk on, they are pointless.

If you want to eat well, you need to see what's growing within walking distance of your home. You need to decide what's worth eating, and what is not. You need to act like the mammal that's been stripped away.

Your air is free. Decent water falls from the sky in most parts of this country, though you made need to be clever to catch it. Food can be found wherever there is sunlight and water.

Carbon dioxide is not abstract. Water is not abstract. Neither is sunlight.

Late summer garden delights....

Basil, peas, and cilantro plucked from the garden tonight are, to be fair, sublime, but there's nothing abstract about them.

There's noting abstract about us, either.
Live as you will, not as they would have you will

In June the living is easy. 

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