Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Ravings Time: Ra Ra Ra!

Yesterday the sun hung in the sky for 11 hours and 39 minutes in these parts.
Today the sun graces us with three more minutes, lounging around for 11 hours and 42 minutes.

Way I figure it, I gained minutes of Ra time as he travels on his night-barque. 
The eggplants, now just seeds put together with last summer's light, sit patiently in little envelopes, about to be born again, to do this thing we and all living things do.

It's in our shared DNA, our shared ribosomes, our shared glycolysis, putting things together, then breaking them down again.

The sun makes this possible .

What possible hour do we think we lost last night?
What hubris allows us to believe we can break time from its essence, our link to the sun and the stars?

If I must chose betwen the sun and hubris, I choose the sun.


David Rudel said...

Random, somewhat connected thought: The Jewish philosopher Philo claimed that time began on day 4 of creation, for without the sun and the moon for demarcation, time did not exist.

This has to be understood within Philo's conception of "time" as describing the life of the world as understandable through our senses: we understand the world through observations of how it changes with time.

The first 3 days of the universe were instead representative of "aion," a term that has no actual good English equivalent because we moderns have a completely different understanding of time and space, but "aion" referred to our abstract understanding of the world, which is timeless.

Unknown said...

This is why I don't own an alarm clock. And this is why I wake up (on my own) around 5:30 or 6:00 in the winter and around 4:00 in the summer.

JellyBiologist said...

And all our poor little cells feel terrible for days after...