Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beware the Yabby net

Thanks to The Violet Hour for pointing me in Michael Leunig's direction.

"I [Richard Lawrence] specifically asked Leunig about the copyright implications of this and he replied that  he derives great pleasure from the knowledge that people send his 'toons, poems and prayers to friends all over the world."
--Richard Lawrence, curator of The Curly Flat

And a yabby is some sort of Aussie crustacean: looks like a crawdad to me.


lucychili said...

i think i subscribe to the yabby net

at middleton the air is misty over the sandy cliffs. there is a bike trail there running along the coast.
i think it would be a nice ride.
perhaps so long as it is sunny and not too windy =)

the caravan park had 2 rabbits in with 9 hens, a rooster, a goose, a peacock. and they all were calm with each other. i thought it was amazing because geese can be feisty! the peacock ate from my hand, very gentle.

there were a lot of different birds at the murray mouth and i am not so good at identifying the different plants in the scrub. but it was good to see things freshly planted.

i saw a swallow/martin in strathalbyn and wagtails in goolwa
i don't see them in mount barker or adelaide anymore.

grey and quiet today, planting bulbs, sparaxis and freesias.

Anonymous said...

Yabby is a freshwater crayfish. The bane of every country child's life: swimming in a dam and worrying about a yabby grabbing your toe.

Yummy soused in vinegar.

Yabbies, not toes....hmmm