Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spearhead: just because....

I love teaching science.
I love Michael Franti and Spearhead.
I love love songs.
I love dancing.

And I especially love the message "The more I see, the less I know...."

Joy, joy, joy....
What's not to love?


Charlie Roy said...

@ Doyle
Great video. Thanks for sharing. I liked the line, "I'm not a metaphysical man but when the stars are aligned you know you can".

Anonymous said...

I love it too. It's new to me, but I'm going to put the song on my iPod. Yay!

doyle said...

Dear Charlie and Betty,

He's an interesting man--my daughter told me about him a year or two ago. He wandered around the Middle East (including Palestine and Iraq) with little more than a guitar, to see, to listen. She got the DVD, we got a CD, and we're hooked.

He didn't want to write about war--he wanted to write about people.

I start each year telling my class I'll have done my job if they know less in June than they did in September.