Saturday, January 10, 2009

Biology mini-lesson for the week

Biology: George the Lobster

The BBC is reporting that George, a very old lobster hatched around the time of the Civil War, has been released from its temporary home in a New York City restaurant, where he showed off his magnificent claws to diners munching on his brethren.
Here's George!

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, objected, and now George is on his way back to the ocean.

PETA's happy:
We applaud the folks at City Crab and Seafood for their compassionate decision to allow this noble old-timer to live out his days in freedom and peace.

The restaurant manager Keith Valenti is happy:
We bought a big lobster, started taking pictures with kids and it worked out real well....We never intended him to be sold, just draw attention to the restaurant, and he did.

Even George will be "very happy" when he returns to the ocean, at least according to PETA.

Sooner or later, should George survive his trip back into the depths, George will get hungry. Lobsters and humans may have varying views of happiness, but we both do the same thing when we need to refuel.

George will grab a bite to eat. Some unwary critter--perhaps Willie the Whelk--will wander too close, and George will will catch it with his magnificent claws. Willie, trapped in George's crushing clasp, will silently struggle in the frigid darkness as George rips Willie apart while the whelk is still alive.

I'm betting Willie's not too happy at that moment. Frank the Fluke and Claire the Crab won't be happy, either, when their turn comes up.

Saving George costs lives. (Saving George creates lives.)

That's the way life works. I'm happy to be part of it.

Pssst, PETA--Lemmy the lobster above may still need to be rescued.
At last report, Lemmy is spending his days at the Weymouth Sea Life Centre across the pond in England

Lemmy photo from Metro here.

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